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Top 7 Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Drawing Sufficient Visitors

October 8, 2018 Posted by atif imran In Digital Marketing

I am guessing you already have a website that you visit every day to understand what doesn’t make it tick. What could possibly be going wrong there? Why is the website not giving you visitors or clients? Why hasn’t your business blossomed since you got the website live? Well, there could be several reasons for this scenario. Let’s see some of the major reasons for why a website fails. Maybe this will help you understand what your next remedial measure should be.

1. Outdate website

It is highly probable that you website is seriously outdated in the way it looks to an outsider. The first impression decides it all. The only way out is to get your website analyzed by an expert designer to know if the technology, platform, design, and content are outdated. If yes, change them quick before your business reputation is affected negatively.

2. No SEO for your website?

Chances are that you never thought of hiring an SEO expert to optimize your website on search engines. If that is so, without any external help to improve your ranking on popular research engines such as Google, there are very few chances of the large web community to connect with you for the services or products you are offering. Also, a wrongly done SEO can hamper any potential success of your website. A smart choice of SEO service in a timely manner is therefore critical for prompt ROI.

3. Misaligned keywords

Try thinking like your potential customer and visit your website. Did you find the information you were looking for instantly? No? This could be a case of misaligned keywords. Search keywords and key phrases are important for effective SEO. If the keywords used on your webpage does not fit the context of the page of if it is totally absent, you visitors would find it hard to understand what you do. Send out a clear message in a powerful manner to make it work.

4. Stale content

Is the content on your website boring and tedious to read? With the shortening attention span of web readers, it has become of paramount importance that your content be engaging, driving, attractive, and fun to read. The content should be concise, clear, and informative so that a reader gets all his queries answered with one quick look. Nobody reads long articles.

5. Ignored local search

If people living around you cannot find you when they need you through your website, isn’t the existence of your website inconsequential? I believe that every website should be first made popular locally before expanding its geographies. This can be done by creating online listing and keeping it updated for people to easily find you on local search.

6. Lack of stimulation

Is your website the kind that does not stimulate the visitor to explore it fully? Well, a great looking, impactful website that has this stimulation factor makes its visitor check it out completely. You can do this by ensuring the attractiveness of the website and using powerful blog-driven strategies that makes a user share the link to website on social networking sites as well.

7. No tracking or analytics

Website analysis would allow you to identify what works on your website and what does not. Unless the website is tracked to understand user physiology and response pattern, you can only guess what the user wants and whether you have been successful in providing it. Analytics also helps understand what drives traffic and help you make decisions regarding what valuable data needs to be placed where and how for your website to succeed. Needless to say, if you have identified the fault with your website, it’s time for some remedial action. The best course of action would be to get your website analyzed by experts and work on their suggestions. INCI Tech does a Free Website Consultation. Try it out if you need to.