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Responsive Website for Schools

July 24, 2018 Posted by admin In Website

Changes that schools have seen since the past decade with the introduction of Internet
Considering the rapid rise in the web world users, we reached a tipping point in the world of web in the year of 2014. More and more users are now accessing websites from mobile devices rather than from desktop computers. Presently, this trend is the mainstream, with a further increase expected in the user’s demand for a more consistent and pleasant experience on the web from across a wide range of mobile devices.

So, how are schools coping?
Change is the only constant. We have seen several clients embrace the idea of a responsive and dynamic website design that is interesting, innovative, and interactive. But, there are still some schools that are yet undecided about this change. For them, we find out how exactly do responsive designs benefit a school and why should it top the school’s to-do list for the year 2018.

Cutting to the basic—What is a responsive website design?
A responsive website design is an approach to make your website flexible such that it can be viewed similarly on all sorts (and sizes) of devices, with all display elements and functionalities intact. These devices could be desktops, laptops, tablets, mobiles, and smartphone. To do this, a grid layout is created that seamlessly adapts to the screen size the user is viewing the website on by every time reshuffling the content to display it at a suitable size for improved usability and enhanced interaction experience. Don’t confuse a responsive website with a mobile website. The mobile sites are often compromised and scaled back with respect to functionality and content to suit the screen size. On the other hand, responsive websites can show up as is regardless of the viewing device being used.

Let’s learn more about why should schools and major institutes should consider response websites.
Well, apart from the flexibility in adaptation to different screen sizes, a responsive website offers the following benefits:

  1. Enhanced visibility: Visibility on important search engines can do a great deal for your business. In April 2015, Google introduced a search algorithm that preferred responsive websites. Which means that if your website is responsive, it has greater chances of featuring ahead of other websites which are not. In fact, there is a chance that Google may penalise you for not having a responsive website and thereby give your competitors a chance to outrank you in search.
  2. Improved Efficiency: None of us have any extra time to give to daunting tasks, for instance, managing two separate school websites, one for mobile and another for desktop devices. Not to mention the charges incurred for the two websites. This hassle gets completely eliminated with a responsive site; you get all your stuff at one place for all your viewers and visitors. Also, the parents may daunt you with hundreds of call because they were unable to view your website on their phones and need information. With a dynamic responsive website, you can add/delete/modify information on your website and make it easily accessible to all your viewers, irrespective of their mode of viewing and time.
  3. Better Perception: In the present age, you brand value is reflected from your online face, your website! A non-responsive static website will not just frustrate your potential and existing clients but also degrade your reputation. For uplifting your brand value and to gain recognition and respect as a professional, a responsive website is a must. Moreover, it improves the parental engagement and encourages them to recommend you.

So, with all these benefits, does expenditure shoot up for such an up-gradation?

Cost is definitely an important deciding factor. Which is why, it is still a great idea to get a responsive website. A non-responsive website can go redundant or be considered invalid in the near future. On the other hand, a responsive website is a one-time investment for a smooth long-term benefit. Moreover, some firms, like ours, offer a customised package to address your very specific needs so that you get value for every penny.