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Decoding Digital Marketing in a Nutshell

October 9, 2018 Posted by atif imran In Digital Marketing No Comments

Digital marketing service are intelligently strategized services comprising of well-balanced SEO, SMM, SEM, Online PR, and Email marketing that are targeted to affect the website’s ranks and visibility on online search engines. Let’s understand these aspects of digital marketing better.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Premium quality SEO services are a must for any website to improve their ranks and become highly visible on popular search engines. At INCI Tech, this is done through proactive recommendations about optimization of the technical architecture of your site and the generation of good-quality offsite content aimed at increasing the number of backlinks. This step ensures that your site is easily accessible not just over desktop but also on mobile search engines in multiple languages. This strategy increases the traffic organically, steadily, and consistently.

Online Reputation Management (Online PR)

Online PR is extremely important for high-profile individuals and companies. Just like how a CEO’s reputation affects the decisions of potential customers and a politician’s negative search outcomes affects his or her status, the restoration and protection of your business’ reputation is vital to maintain your online image. Maintenance of your brand image will keep you safe from future treats and achieve your specific goals. A well-managed online PR through crisis management is definitely the solution you have been craving for.

Social Media Advertising (SMM)

It is difficult to crack the scene for most optimized social media advertising. INCI Tech has unraveled a way to reach out to consumers in the comfort of their own social channels, with highly targeted advertising on popular social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. This strategy involves heavy advertisement and the creation of optimized and relevant content that encourages consumers to share your post. The goal is to reach to your audience, while creating impactful credibility from your consumers.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Do you ponder about what could get you great leads and qualified visitors? The answer is effective SEM campaigns. SEM is the quickest way to generate quality business leads. At INCI Tech, we have ensured that both your business as well as your brand are seen and heard at all right places and at the right time by the right type of audiences. Expertise in advertising over the online platforms on mobile and desktop networks can help secure traffic results with measurable gain that is maximum and with the best return on investment. Smartly strategized and well-managed SEM campaigns can help clients minimize their expenditure while collating relevant data and subsequently increasing the conversion rate from the browser to actual buyers.

Email Marketing

Research experience says that email marketing, when done perfectly, is incredibly powerful in delivering sales messages. INCI Tech is an expert in creating bespoke email marketing campaigns that target spread of the core business messages in an accurate manner, while making a strong call-to-action for client engagement. Our team creates innovative and personalized signature newsletters and email campaigns to deliver relevant and highly tailored information to targeted groups of contacts and consumers for expanding your reputation.

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