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3 Simple Steps to Prep-up your Writing Game!

Author archives: Sabiha Shaikh

3 Simple Steps to Prep-up your Writing Game!

Do you face the writer’s block even when composing an informal email? Well, while writing is not everybody’s cup of tea, it can sure be learned. Here, we have put together some steps to help you dramatically improve your write-up quality.

However, first and foremost, a lot of practice and a great deal of patience are the key to becoming a good writer. Seriously. How? You can always begin with writing small emails, diary entries, articles for your personal blog, etc. So, once you are already writing, the next step is to improve your writing skills. This process is more of an awareness and learning process wherein you are required to become conscious of what you are writing and how it looks to you when you read it up. Self-analysis can help you improve the texture of your writing and scrutinizing with a hawk eye can make your copy crisp and readable too.

Let’s skim through the magical steps now. Hope they really get you on the track:

Step 1: Content Ideation and Strategizing

For any effective and robust content creation process, it is critical to map out strong content ideas and create a strategy. With the continued emphasis on producing a readable content that is also relatable, the first step is to identify several key terms and buzzwords depending on the purpose of the content and its potential readers. Your vocab has to also keep evolving with this requisite. Post-ideation, you could consult, research, and brainstorm for the best and most-relevant content strategy that will not only resonate with your personally style of writing but also create great impact. The research should also analyse the target audience behaviour and the existing content competition to leverage your position better. For instance, if you are writing content for marketing, your strategy should be to increase and improve your brand value organically, steadily, and consistently.

Step 2: Content Development

Once you have established what is to be written and for what purpose, understand that you have a reputation to make and maintain. The content you develop should improve your relation with your readers and possibly help you gain business. Importantly, always write fresh and unique content, especially if you are thinking of publishing on any web portal. You may also consider optimizing your content with keywords for SEO purpose. The content you have written should be unique, grammatically correct, honest, concise, and worded so as to connect with the readers.

Step 3: Content Editing

I am sure you would have written a beautiful piece by now. But it will surely help to scrutinize it for any tell-tale errors. You may often need to smoothen out your rough drafts or previous write-ups into brilliant copies. You should definitely edit your content to optimize it for your purpose; customize its tone, format, and length; correct its syntax; check and correct for flow, consistency, spelling, and proofreading errors. The finished edit should ideally be completely error-free and enhanced. Depending on the requirement and the quality of the write-up, a light or a heavy editing may be required. The ultimate goal of the write-up should be to convey your thoughts precisely to your potential readers.

Seems too much to do or learn? On the hindsight, you can always ask an expert to write or edit for you. Head to INCI Tech for an easier way out.

Posted by Sabiha Shaikh