INCI Tech offers IT and related services, especially formulated to help establish new or emerging businesses. We facilitate growth and promotion of the client business with our key services including, web design and development, content solutions, digital marketing, corporate branding and consultation. We function with a goal-oriented approach, encompassing client satisfaction through focused, upscaled, innovative, and transparent work perspective.
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Web Development and Digital Marketing Company - INCI Tech LLP

Atif Imran & Sabiha Shaikh

About us

Get ready to acquaint yourself with the enthusiastic and visionary millennial team INCI who believe in the power of transformation-with technology and grit!

Our motto is

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.

Innovation is our driving force. And so is the way we respond to our customers. I believe that a business should be sustainable, responsible, as well as profitable.

I founded my company to personify my commitment to develop a socially responsible and sustainable business that will bring long-term rewards to all clients. This vision has helped INCI Tech earn a respectable position among the emerging companies in the ITES services segment in India.
Anticipating the needs of tomorrow, improving our user experience, providing leading-edge technological solutions are activities that drive our commitment to innovation, allowing us to achieve an outstandingly competitive position in the industry.

Website Design & Development

Atif Imran
Founder, Managing Director

Toward optimized solutions

Looking for a perfect business solution?
We can realize any projects!

Our passion is to apply innovations with attention-to-detail. The comfortable bonding we share with our clients comes from our warm and helpful after-sales services, support, and consideration.

Complete dedication toward excellence is our work motto

Our panel of experts form the core of our organization

We have built a strong team of subject experts, designers, writers, editors, and coordinators who work together in sync to deliver outstanding projects. We believe in the power of team work and the strength of multiple brain-storming session by diverse and differently capable resources who are committed to providing the best possible solutions. INCI Tech places heavy ownership on all its people toward client work to ensure complete and honest dedication. Together, we rock.

We are bound to create only stunning designs that captivate attention

Everything Is Designed. Few Things Are Designed Well.

Isn’t that true? Designing is easy. But designing masterpieces is challenging and enthralling. We live to create stunning visuals and prints that are strongly footed in a meaningful concept and dwells in harmony with the brand’s requisites. As a rule, we first understand what the client desires from the designs and then work our magic. Using all the latest tools and technologies, our expert designers develop trending design styles and patterns to keep up with the fast-changing tastes and perspective.

We develop or edit content such that it speaks very well to your customers

Conveying your vision through impactful words.

We truly value words. Which is why we focus a lot on the content our client wishes to use for propagating brands and services. The content has to be meaningful, concise, eloquent, powerful, and honest. A well-written content can boost your brand value and seek the attention of potential clients. We use no flowery language or make false promises. Team INCI believes in the power of truth. When your words touch your clients and connect with them, they are more likely to respect your brand. Such a relationship is bound to improve both your web traffic and sales.

Perfection and satisfaction is what we seek

Our customers are our kings and queens

We don’t just designdevelop, and edit, we also deploy, trainmanage, and maintain the projects we deliver. At INCI Tech, you get a one-stop solution for all your digital requirements! Our work culture is heavily inspired by the global work culture of initiating, understanding, innovating, and executing service solutions to fully satisfy clients. We assure 100% after–sales support, training, and troubleshooting to ensure that you have no issues with understanding or executing our deliverables. Team INCI keeps themselves available 24*7 to handle your queries and requests through the web chat or call or email.

Based on Client Ratings!

Our Core Values



Applying innovations in minutest aspect.


High-quality deliverables in lieu of latest trends.


Timely and quality-assured delivery, every time.


Unimaginable and unmatched excellence in creativity.
Helping you at any step in the process train

Our Process

We have created a process map of our typical project. Potential clients are free to join this train at any station to embark on the mission of continually growing business and prosperity.


The Discussion

Investigation and Conclusion: We discover our client’s business and goals through discussion and form conclusions.
We closely partner with our clients to explore and discover exactly what underpins the core and nature of their business. We work our way up, from the inside out, gradually forming a precise picture of their business and goals. We then begin to crystalize our ideas and fuse conclusions based on our garnered knowledge. These conclusions form the foundation of our decision making, and, from hereon, they serve as the rudder that steers the ship to our proposition.



Proposition, Alignment, and Actualization: We propose a project blueprint and consult the client to ensure we are on the same page.

Our proposition is a comprehensive schema for the project, often including documentation such as wireframes, personas, and a prototype. These assets help us clearly demonstrate structure, direction, and interaction of the project. We then discuss, debate, and understand the presented proposition to arrive at a collective, mutually agreed plan. Finally, we begin crafting all aforementioned theory into solid, inspiring concepts and subsequently develop the desired project. We present concepts to your face directly for instantaneous emotive and verbal feedback.


Testing, Validation & Quality Control

Refinement: We refine the project together, forging ahead to the final goal.

After collating the final feedback, we finesse the details of the project to make sure your requests and our advice meet in a romantic spot. Creative and technical icing is applied to finalize the project, followed by checking its reliability, accuracy, and quality rigorously before the launch.


Delivery & Support

Delivery: We complete and put live the project you have commissioned.

After all the discussion, debate, and understanding, we round the final corner, presenting you with the culmination of our collective input, intelligence, and expertise–your finished project. It’s honed to perfection from all aspects and made ready to meet your business objectives head on.