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7 Signs that it’s Time for Rebranding

November 1, 2018 Posted by atif imran In Branding No Comments

Brands are just like your clothes. You need to check every now and then whether they are fitting you well or whether you need a style upgrade? Rebranding is a long-term investment that infuses intensive marketing efforts with relevance and vigor, makes you stand out from a crowd, help you reach new audiences, attract industry talents, or allow you to rescale your products or services.

So, how do you know it’s time?

The sign that your brand needs redefinition can be just about anywhere. Often, if you are wondering if rebranding is necessary is the first sign. Or when something seems wrong. For instance, your product/service is great and your customers adore you, but your sales pipeline is fast drying up. Moreover, even if you recognize the need for rebranding, it can be hard to know whether it is urgent. Furthermore, even when you realize the urgent need, it may feel extremely difficult to actually work toward it. So, obviously the solution is to call up a branding agency to give your brand the much needed revamp. Whatever eventually impels you to reach out to a creative branding agency, you can rest assured that you’re making the right decision. With the amount of measurable benefits that come with rebranding, the investment is likely to pay off several times over.

Consider the following 7 telltale signs that may help you detect whether your brand is ready for an update:

  1. When you’re embarrassed to hand out your business card or web address

This happens quite often. People get their websites and collaterals made when they newly open their businesses and then go on using them. But if you cringe when asked to hand out your business card, be sure to heed the sign. Outdated, stale, lackluster, unoriginal—if that is how your corporate identity or web presence seem like, rush to a corporate branding agency fast before anyone notices.

  1. When your brand seems lost in the crowd

To sell your brand, you need to have a competitive edge. If you feel like your brand is lost in a sea of marketplace similarities, head out to a change by applying a creative brand strategy and why not? Repositioning and capitalizing on your unique selling propositions can make your brand grow exponentially, become more visible, and present an overall smarter appeal to the consumers who are searching for unique experiences.

  1. When your brand has become too complicated

Does your brand offer way too many diverse solutions or products with no centralized theme or concept? This can happen when you scale up. At such a time, having a simplified brand image that suitably sums up the brand values you wish to propagate, calls for a change. You need to step back to simplify things and focus. Remember, when it comes to branding, increased complexity means decreased cohesiveness.

  1. When your business model changed, but the brand remained unchanged

As if often the case, the goals of company keep changing every few (say 5) years. So, whether you have newly incorporated an innovative business strategy or explored an unforeseen marketplace or embraced the latest technology, your business model has changed. And when this happens, your brand must change as well, in parallel. Because now, your brand needs to be perceived in a slightly different way, in alignment with your new ways of operation. So, clearly, you need to overhaul the brand identity completely through some global branding scheme.

  1. When you are undergoing a merger or a split

Businesses keep changing their modes of operation or even management. If you have decided to merge with another company or maybe split, it is probably time to embrace a new identity so as to avoid confusion with your old self. This is critical to ensure that the new brand fits into the brand architecture of the now parent company. Unless this is done, all businesses involved are bound to suffer due to the lack of brand alignment.

  1. When there is a need to associate with a positive image

Considering that an unfortunate event or case had a devastatingly negative connotation on your business, which was then fast spread via the social media platforms, your brand value can suffer immensely. Under such a scenario, before the maligned image becomes toxic, transform your brand into a hero through effective and positive rebranding.

  1. When you need to raise your prices

Maybe you have been stuck with a particular market place rate for too long and wish to enter the premium segment to sell your wares at a higher price, it is time to rebrand. Because brand image ultimately boils down to a customer’s perception, the value of your offerings is entrenched in the minds of those you serve. By rebranding, you would be able to reshape the way your customers look at your brand and probably now, you can ask for a raised price for your services.

Looking for a place to head to for your rebranding project?

If you’re interested in how INCI Tech, a reputed brand consulting agency, can help you reach your business goals with rebranding, check out some of our favorite website rebranding projects in our gallery. And yes, get in touch.

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